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Rúben Melgaço


Graduated in Tourism and Event Management,  Its main function is to manage the strategy of the family company Hélia Arte Floral.

It is part of the command of logistics and Human Resources, as well as the financial control of the organization.


It supports being part of a simple hierarchy, following models of sharing among employees with a view to the general motivation, growth and development of the company and everyone who passes through it.

A player in the events market in Portugal, Ruben promises to differentiate and improve the service by cooperating with Portuguese companies in order to: "offer what our country has to offer so good."

In this way, it seeks to make each customer's experience unique and special.


"Our motivation is to promote the self-fulfillment of our customers because we know that we are working with dreams and that we are equally part of that dream, this makes me and our team work motivated with only one objective to provide an unforgettable experience surpassing the expectations of those who come to us"

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